Message from The Grand Don

For over 30 years the Human Race Foundation has grown from a small group of teenage students with ambitious but achievable aspirations to a large group of men with even bigger collective goals.

I am delighted to welcome you to the Human Race Foundation’s website and information portal. This website will provide you with an insight into our organisation - from our history, through our formal and informal activities, our charitable activities, our corporate partnerships, to our ambitions and plans.
For nearly 30 years the Human Race Foundation (The Race) has grown from a small group of teenage gentlemen with ambitious but achievable aspirations to a large group of men (Racers) with even bigger, collective goals. We are a family with collective responsibilities; we are an institution with guiding principles; we are a modern association of gentlemen; we are a corporation that is keen on generating wealth for itself, its people and its society; we are a crusade where the weak and strong strive alongside one and other and no-one is left behind.

Since its inception the Human Race Foundation has produced men of exceptional talent, with a heart for charity and the wellbeing of the human race - men who are making a positive difference to their societies, collectively and individually, in different parts of the world. And indeed no matter how near, far or just about everywhere in between we may be to each other and to our corporate partners, our website has been designed to provide quick access to information about our activities.

Over the years we have had our moments of triumphs as well as times of difficulties. But it took Racers of unrelenting passion for The Race to steer us through tough times and achieve for us a solid foundation on which to build a greater organisation. It is humbling to be entrusted with the continued growth and development of The Race, and I am honoured to carry this mantle of leadership.

And so I am proud to present to you... The Human Race Foundation

Kene Mkparu,
Grand Don

Upcoming Events

Our Past Events

Charity Ball

An evening of fun food and entertainment, members of the organisation are treated to fine dining, laughs and the opportunity is used to raise funds for many charitable courses

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HRF Global Charity Week

A week where all regions encourage memebers to commit their time and resources to making the world better by helping the less priviledged

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Global Convention

The HRF Global convention is an event which hosts members of the Human Race Foundation from all over the world. Members return to the homeland to confer on issues of common interest and chart the course of the Foundation for the next 5 years

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