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Founded on brotherhood.

Activating and advancing cultural and educational exchanges that enhance the capabilities of our global member base.

Our History

Together with our families and communities, we are committed to advancing social and economic causes that we believe in.

Our mission is to advance impact driven activities led by a connected diaspora group. HRF provides networks of philanthropic, charitable and commercial activities that are driven by brotherhood and a sense of shared responsibilities.

Driving positive change in our native communities is possible. We’ve done it for decades.

Our local and regional networks promote and support a myriad of impact driven projects that address critical challenges in our local communities. We continue to serve these communities via collaborative diaspora efforts that are geared towards giving back and paying forward to our societies of origin.

Active Projects and Initiatives

Brotherhood Redefined

Our vision is driven by core values that are centered on brotherhood. For over three decades, we have built and maintained a pipeline of leaders and changemakers that collectively reflect our purpose driven vision of serving our home communities and empowering our local networks.

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With a growing member base across Africa, North America and Europe, HRF is well positioned to advance the causes that we believe in for generations to come.

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