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Since 1983, HRF has been supporting charitable, educational and scientific initiatives that are designed to improve the livelihoods of our members and our member communities.

“Make Space for the Human Race”

Our Story

In 1983, a group of young men who had enrolled at the University of Nigeria, Enugu Campus during the same time period cultivated a unique friendship built on a common understanding, mutual respect and common goals. Social interaction was the main focus of the friendship but these young men blossomed under the umbrella of strong friendship, trust, support and understanding. They helped and supported each other socially, morally, financially and academically. They began to organize and theme their own social activities rather attending other people's events all the time. They grew in character, form and togetherness and decided to formally protect their relationship and pursue a greater level of commitment to each other. Thus, they formed a formal group and called it "The Human Race Fraternity"(HRF), alias "The Race". Members were formally called "Racers" and informally called "Men of Form". The Racers went on to build strong bonds between them, instill discipline in each other through a defined set of norms/values and encourage each other in the pursuit of their short & long term goals. They also envisioned growing collectively into a group that would contribute significantly to the development and progress of our community, country, continent and world. There was an ever increasing crowd of people on campus who wished to associate with them. They organized some of the most memorable and prestigious events on Campus.

The North American Zone

As these young men matured and the Race membership grew, more Racers graduated from college and entered the workforce. A number of these Racers, by merit and/or ambition, pursued advanced studies and career advancements across institutions and organizations in North America. The first set of Racers to emigrate to the United States continued to amplify the Race mission and created a new set of opportunities for the members that will come after them. All across the continental United States and Canada, Racers are building companies, excelling in academia, leading social causes and advancing leading industries as astute professionals.